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Our Programmes and Benefits

The Kumon Method aims for students to go beyond their school grade level through self-learning and advance to studying high school level material at an early age.

When studying at the “just-right” level students think for themselves and complete the exercises. When they get stuck they look at the hints and examples incorporated in the worksheets and figure out themselves how to do the exercises. In this way, continued study at the “just-right” level fosters the ability to learn on their own, or as we say at Kumon, “self-learn.”

Students then use that self-learning ability to advance independently beyond their school grade level to higher levels and more difficult exercises.

Thus Kumon study makes it possible for students to advance to high school level material at an early age.

To sum up, the Kumon Method is a learning method that pursues the potential of each individual student and develops his or her ability to the maximum.

We at Kumon believe in the vast potential of our students and want to further develop each student’s ability. Born out of the bond between a parent and child, the Kumon Method of learning faithfully carries on the thinking and ideas of its founder Toru Kumon.

At the same time, we constantly strive for something better by continuing to develop our worksheets and instruction method. And today, this learning method continues to go beyond the borders of countries, race, culture and traditions, to reach more and more countries and regions throughout the world.





Gift your child the joy of learning. Kumon introduces your early learners to important maths and reading skills. These skills will help to give your child a great head start and strong foundation for Primary School.

Basic maths and reading skills make the early years of young children count.

The Kumon Mathematics Programme develops your child’s very first maths skills, including counting, writing numbers, mental calculations and even simple arithmetic skills such as addition and subtraction.

The Kumon English and Chinese Programmes start your child off with fun “look, listen and repeat” worksheets. Colourful illustrations help your child to connect words with familiar objects, and eventually start putting words together.

Your child’s academic advantage starts here with Kumon. Through individualised instruction and our meticulously designed worksheets, your child is allowed to progress at his or her own pace and eventually learn topics beyond school grade level.

In maths, practice does make perfect. The Kumon Mathematics Programme helps your child develop a firm foundation in arithmetic, fractions, decimals and more, while improving study skills. By independently solving a wide range of maths problems, your child will continually progress and be challenged to learn even topics beyond school grade level.

Good writing comes with good reading skills. The Kumon English and Chinese Programmes open up your child’s world of possibilities through reading. The Kumon worksheets can propel your child on a lifelong reading journey, where improved vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, interpretation and summarisation become an asset throughout school, and beyond.

Advanced maths skills and strong reading ability will benefit your child beyond school. Your child will be equipped with self-learning ability which helps develop critical and analytical skills. These skills will help your child build a strong body of academic work, and become better prepared for tertiary education, and a career.

With an individualised assessment, your child’s Kumon Instructor will determine the right starting point for him or her.

For Mathematics, your child’s progress continues, step by logical step, building skills needed for secondary school level advanced maths and calculus. It’s an excellent way to prepare your child for tertiary courses which require advanced mathematical skills.

A strong reader excels not only in a range of academic subjects, but also in everyday life. As your child studies complex texts in literature, you’ll soon see advances in reading, a better understanding of content, the ability to form and support well-thought-out opinions, and more.