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Lee Yi You (Kumon Maths and Kumon English Completer)

“At four years old when I started Kumon, she (Kumon Instructor) held my hand and sat with me at the small tables. From then, I progressed on to a larger table independently – advancing with higher level content. Throughout the nine years in my Kumon journey, she was definitely an important character in my growth”.

Sunena Gupta (Kumon Maths Completer)

“The biggest takeaway from my Kumon experience was the self-learning aspect of the programme. It was such an important lesson throughout high school and especially in college. Being in big classes, it is easy to get lost without direct help from teachers but I think what I learned through Kumon was being able to tackle problems step by step.”

Mr Araki (Father of Kumon student; former Kumon student)

“I wanted Kaisei to gain the confidence which comes with being strong in a particular subject. I think this brings out the drive to be equally confident in other subjects and the will to reach for higher grades.”