Temporary Suspension of Classes at All Kumon Learning Centres

Temporary Suspension of Classes at All Kumon Learning Centres

Following the advisory announced by the MOH, all Kumon Learning Centres will observe a ‘Temporary Suspension’ of classes with effect from 27th March to 30th April 2020. The following serves to clarify some of the measures to be taken at the learning centres.

During ‘Temporary Suspension’ from 27th March to 30th April 2020

1. All Kumon Learning Centres will be open during this period to facilitate the exchange and collection of worksheets.

2. Parents are to collect worksheets for home learning for their children from the learning centres within two phases, i.e. 27th March to 12th April and 13th April to 30th April. The Centre will advise and provide information on collection time and dates. In addition, guidance will be provided on how to manage Kumon study at home.

3. Please note that no students are allowed to enter the centre premises at any time during this period.

4. Parents who need guidance on how to manage Kumon study at home may arrange to do so via phone or video consultations with the Centre. Individual meeting is an option by appointment only. Precautionary measures such as temperature checks, hand sanitization and/ or washing of hands upon entry into centre will be in place at the centres. Centres will also enforce social distancing of at least 1m during individual meetings. Those with temperature higher than 37.5 degree celsius will not be allowed into the centre.

After ‘Temporary Suspension’ from 1st May 2020

1. All parents and students to continue to observe and adhere to the precautionary measures put in place at the Kumon Learning Centres.

2. As a form of goodwill, we will avail 4 additional classes for the students. The classes should be carried out in May and/or June, to be arranged with their respective Kumon Learning Centres.

We will continue to act in the best interests and safety of all people in Singapore.

As the situation is evolving, we will constantly review and adjust our responses to deal with any situation that may arise.

Thank you for your trust in Kumon. Together, we can overcome this challenge.


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