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Franchisee’s Testimonials

Ms Sita Sah

Before starting Kumon, I was a preschool teacher and a Kumon parent. I always wanted to be an educator and an entrepreneur. Kumon helped me from finding the right location to setting up the centre, including trainings on conducting Parent Orientation sessions and Diagnostic Tests for students. They also guided me in creating study plans and conducting classes effectively. Ability based learning is what attracted me towards Kumon. Every time a primary school child that has been with me since preschool comes to me and tells me “I’m top in class”, that is a very fulfilling moment for me.

Ms Jaslyn Lee

When I was working in my previous job as a school teacher, I found that I have limited pockets of time, it’s either for my children or for myself. With Kumon, it’s a balance. The experience has been fantastic. I reached the first goal that I had set for myself within two years. I wanted to earn as much as I was earning when I was a teacher yet having that work life balance. And I have achieved that.

Ms Ivy Yap

It was a huge commitment to give up a full-time job for the uncertainties of starting a business. But once I decided to take the plunge, Kumon provided support in terms of training and location search, and I eventually took over a centre in Pasir Ris. When my students come up to me and tell me their little accomplishments like “I can do additions!” or “I completed my work in 15 minutes!” I feel a great sense of achievement. I had a student who cried whenever faced with Math problems. Now she is learning about 3 years ahead of her school grade and told me she wants to complete the whole Math programme..”