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Franchisee’s Testimonials

Ms Anna

“I currently have a student who started doing maths at four years old without even knowing how to write or count beyond 10. Within two years, he began studying material that is typically five years beyond his age. For me it is wonderful how Kumon can cater to the needs of each child.”

Ms Parul Sinha

“My students have a good time doing the worksheets even though it is tough. That made me realise the importance of giving the child the opportunity to self-learn. When they can take ownership of their own work, that is when Kumon will be the most effective.”

Ms Suzie

“Seeing my first Kumon Maths Completer persist through the challenging final levels by herself made me realise how wonderful the self-learning aspect of Kumon really is. She is now a specialist doctor working in hospitals around Australia, and she has also inspired me to be a better instructor.”