Tips to Support Home Learning

Why is Kumon the world’s largest supplemental education programme to support home learning?

Children grow up surrounded by three educational environments—first there is the home, then school, and finally the local community. A healthy educational environment is formed when these three environments function effectively in harmony.

The Kumon Method was conceived from the perspective of how best to educate children at home. For this reason, we do not try to cover all of the subjects that children study at school, focusing instead on the development of the skills of reading, writing and calculation, which form the foundation for all learning.

Children differ greatly in terms of the time and effort required to master these basic skills of reading, writing and calculation. Without ensuring that each child has sufficient practice for his or her personal needs, we cannot guarantee the development of sufficient skills in these areas.

Parents who are concerned about their child’s future will understandably want their child to gain academic ability that will ensure peace of mind in the long term. For that reason, one of the goals of the Kumon Method is to equip children with the ability to do high school level worksheets so that they will not encounter difficulties when they go on to secondary level education.

We believe it is important to make a clear distinction between what can be done in schools and what can be done in the home. In school, children learn how to study well while interacting with their peers as part of a group. At home, with Kumon, it is possible to provide children with education that enables them to learn according to their own individual needs. This is what we need to concentrate on in the home. By doing this, the effects of both systems will work in synergy to create a better overall educational environment for our children.

To Kumon parents, here are 4 useful tips for you to continue supporting your child’s learning at home. If you require further feedback, contact your child’s Kumon Instructor to discuss how to make home learning beneficial for your child.


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